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Arid Bioactive Vivarium

How to Create an Arid Bioactive Vivarium

Bioactive enclosures are currently more popular than ever. If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase ‘bioactive’ in terms of reptile keeping, it basically means keeping your reptiles in a living ecosystem cohabiting with other organisms that form part of a natural environment. This may include live plants, as well as ‘clean-up crew‘ critters that clean up […]

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Arcadia Omni Gold

Arcadia EarthPro Omni Gold Consumer Review

This new product, Arcadia Omni Gold, is a gel based food, which is designed specifically for omnivores. It’s part of Arcadia’s growing Earthpro range. It contains the all essential elements required for their diet, specifically species such as Blue Tongue Skinks, Bearded Dragons, and even Chameleons. Instantly, people will make comparisons with a similar product already on […]

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Arcadia Dragon Lamps

New: Arcadia’s 14% UVB Dragon Lamp!

The Arcadia Dragon Lamp is the latest product to be developed by Arcadia during a recent spate of high quality products for reptile keepers. Arcadia had previously raised the bar with their D3+ fluorescent tubes that outputted an impressive 12% UVB. But the new Arcadia Dragon Lamp has taken UVB output to the next level […]

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