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Hatched Beardie - How to Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs

How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs the Easy Way

Bearded dragons are the most common pet reptile. They’re easy to care for, and if you have a male and female together they breed very easily. Should you be breeding bearded dragons at home? That’s a subject that you should fully research yourself and make an informed decision as to whether it is the right […]

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lizard quiz

Lizard Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

If you enjoyed our lizard quiz, make sure you like our Facebook page so you don’t miss our next one. Please also let us know in the comments if you believe the questions are either too hard or too easy.

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Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets? 5 Reasons To Say Yes

Bearded Dragons are fast becoming one of the most popular pets in the UK. Their passive nature, ease of care and longevity make this animal a great pet for anyone. Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre they are the most popular choice of reptile by a mile. Here are 5 brief points that make bearded […]

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5 Great Alternatives to Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are great, that’s why they’re easily the most popular pet lizard around today. However, they’re not the only lizards available. I’ve listed a few of my favourite alternatives to bearded dragons below, but I have left a space for your suggestion at the bottom! 1. Uromastyx Uromatyxs might not have the looks but […]

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Did You Know You Can Grow Your Own Reptile Food at Home?

I have always had an interest in gardening, my dad and grandmother both grew fruit and veggies in the garden and I loved picking the fruits of their labours (particularly strawberries when Nan wasn’t looking!) my aunty would take me to the local pick your own farm (PYO) to gather berries for her jam making, […]

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Have your lizards tried fruit beetle grubs? Tasty eh?

We all deserve a treat from time to time. But how do you treat your pet reptiles? What in the world is there to make your lizard feel loved? If your bearded dragon is like any of ours, the way to their heart is always through their stomach! A lot of our smaller lizards have […]

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How do Bearded Dragons lay their eggs? Watch this video!,

You’re probably already aware that we breed a lot of Bearded Dragons at our Northampton shop. But you may be surprized to know that it’s very rare for us to see any of our girls laying their eggs. Usually we’ll just find a clutch of eggs whilst checking the nesting boxes in the morning. So, […]

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