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Livefood jelly pot

Feeding Crickets the new ProRep Jelly Pots – They Love It!

The new ProRep Fruit Jelly Pots are now available to buy at Northampton Reptile Centre. Here’s what the manufacturer ProRep have to say about their new product “These great little jelly pots are ideal as a food for many invertebrates such as beetles, cockroaches and millipedes as well as a regular treat for nectar or […]

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Baby Crested Geckos Hatched – see the pictures

Crested Geckos are cute as adults, so imagine what they’re like as new hatched babies. No need to imagine, we had some hatch a couple of days ago so I took some pictures for you. Cresties usually only lay a couple of eggs at a time so they also hatch in twos. Currently we having […]

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Crested Gecko Babies

Sarah has worked for us for over a year now. She has many reptiles at home but has always wanted to breed Crested Geckos. 59 days ago her Flame Crested Geckos rewarded her with 2 eggs, today they hatched! Both youngsters are healthy and eating well. Crested Geckos will lay 2 eggs about every 4 […]

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New Arrivals This Week

As always we want to introduce you to any new faces in the shop vivariums. Due to the bank holiday we haven’t had as many new animals come in but here they are. We’ve always bred our own Yemen Chameleons. The only problem this created was being able to supply customers with unrelated pairs for […]

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