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Exo Terra Terrarium Glass Cleaner

Need a Terrarium Glass Cleaner?

Struggling to find a great glass cleaner? Here at the Northampton Reptile Centre, we have many glass terrariums housing some of our frogs, toads, invertebrates and geckos. These tanks are a great home for reptiles and amphibians that need more ventilation and a little less warmth. While they are aesthetically pleasing they can quickly build up […]

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exo terra glass cleaner

The Safe, Easy Way to Clean Terrarium Glass

We know how difficult it is to clean watermarks from glass. We’ve spent many hours scrubbing our shop terrariums with R.O. water, tissues, newspaper, squeegees and even Coca Cola! The stubborn, chalky residue is usually caused by minerals in our tap water. When we spray the terrariums with tap water, pure water evaporates and leaves the […]

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