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flat rock scorpion

Fancy an unusual pet? How about a Flat Rock Scorpion?

You’re looking for something different, but you don’t yet know what it is. You know you want a cool new pet, but which one? Northampton Reptile Centre has so many awesome species to choose from. You see millipedes & Praying Mantis but they just don’t strike you as that cool. You see the Bearded Dragons, […]

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Six strange animals, but which is the most unusual?

Working with reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates I get to see my fair share of strange animals. Below are 6 animals that I found in the shop today that I think are a little bit unusual. I’d be interested to hear which you think is the weirdest, or the most wonderful. Albino Soft Shelled Turtles These […]

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Amazing Baby Scorpion Pictures

We’ve always got baby animals at Northampton Reptile Centre and I know you like looking at the pictures of them! Whilst feeding the spiders and scorpions the other day it was a lovely surprise to find some babies on the back of our female Long Claw Scorpion. Scorpions start as excellent mothers to their young. […]

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Darren’s Reptile Love Affair

Hello, I’m Darren Miller and I’m 21 years old. Like all of us who are into keeping reptiles I am passionate about my animals and and happy to share my experiences with other reptile keepers. It all started for me around 6 years ago. I had always had a real fascination with reptiles since a […]

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