Chimaira Asian Pit Vipers, Dick Visser

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Chimaira Asian Pit Vipers, Dick Visser

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Chimaira Asian Pit Vipers, Dick Visser

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Chimaira Asian Pit Vipers, Dick Visser

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Frankfurt am Main October 2015, hardcover, 571 pages, 647 colour photos, 4 black-and-white photos, 34 colour drawings, 27 line drawings, 25 diagrams, 2 tables and 81 distribution maps. The images shown in this book were contributed by more than 60 photographers from more than 20 different countries. This volume is a combination of travelling experiences, long-term breeding experience (Dick's as well as some other breeders') and data from the literature available. Among the photos some recently described species are found e.g. Trimeresurus gunaleni, T. rubeus, T. cardamomensis, T. toba and T. phuketensis. Trimeresurus brongersmai, of which only a few photos of alive specimens have been published so far, is represented with images of various individuals. In addition, Dick Visser has produced a series of watercolours (Tropidolaemus, and als Protobothrops jerdoni) for comparative purposes. An up-to-date checklist provided by Patrick David and Gernot Vogel, current scientific authorities on Asian Pitvipers, forms the appendix of this volume.

  • Size: 9.4 x 6.6 x 1.5 inches