Chimaira Tarantulas - Breeding Experience

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Chimaira Tarantulas - Breeding Experience

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Chimaira Tarantulas - Breeding Experience

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Chimaira Tarantulas - Breeding Experience

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Frankfurt am Main, October 2015, hardcover, 220 pages, 270 colour photos. In this new tarantula book the three French authors summarize their travelling experience (journeys to Africa, South America and Asia) where they have carefully observed tarantulas in their natural habitats. The knowledge gained from these explorations is implemented in their keeping and breeding concept by considering habitat structure and climate variation. Clton et al. clearly recommend captive-bred spiders for would-be keepers and point out the risks for wild populations. A tarantula bite accident is included as a case report. This book not only provides information on how to set up a terrarium for ground-dwellling or aboreal species, problems with parasites and possible treatment are also discussed. The species accounts include some undescribed forms of tarantulas which have been bred over the past few years and are available for the hobbyists.

  • Size: 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.8 inches