Chimaira The Reptile Skin

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Chimaira The Reptile Skin

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Chimaira The Reptile Skin

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Chimaira The Reptile Skin

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Frankfurt 2003, hardcover, 64 colour photos, 200 b/w photos, bilingual (English and German)

The official entitlement and the exigence of nature´s conservation demand a growing standard on the scientific identification of reptiles, both of the living animals and their skins too. In the featured book by Fuchs & Fuchs describe all skins of economical relevant snakes and other reptiles. Many until now unreleased detailed and macroscopic photographs suit as an aid. Especially the macroscopic photos reveal the fact that the morphologic aspects of the reptile´s skin are a scientifically totally underestimated concern due to the well and clearly presented fact, that many recent publications are just to be negated.

  • Size: 9.4 x 6.6 x 1.1 inches