Chimaira Treefrogs of Africa

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Chimaira Treefrogs of Africa

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Chimaira Treefrogs of Africa

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Chimaira Treefrogs of Africa

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Frankfurt 1999, hardcover, 350 pages, 265 colour photos, 7 colour drawings, 138 maps, 152 sonagrams, 274 drawings, 5 b/w photos.

Within this book Schiøtz outlines all recently noted species and subspecies of the African Treefrogs. He is engaged in these animals for more than 40 years and his adaptations - resulting from the 1970's - of the West- and East African species are being considered as herpetologic milestones.

The present adaptation of continental Africa is diplaying the large variety of the frog's colours for the first time on 270 colour images in a formidable way.

Furthermore the aspects and questions of the domestic keeping in terrariums is being covered.

  • Size: 9.4 x 6.6 x 0.8 inches