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Reptile Holiday Boarding
Lucky Reptile Grape Leaf Vine approx. 200 cm

These long plastic vines look very natural and are excellent for decorating your tropical terrarium. The large leaves offer protection from sight and additional hiding places to the animals. Especially frogs will love them. Lucky Reptile Jungle Vine plants are also an excellent addition to your turtle tank as attractive basking and recreation areas.

  • Artificial trailing plant
  • Long thin vines
  • Natural hiding place
  • Will catch and hold water from misters
  • Great natural looking decoration
RRP £7.59
£6.09 inc VAT
RRP €8.69
€6.97 inc VAT
RRP $10.74
$8.62 inc VAT
RRP $13.91
$11.16 inc VAT
RRP DKK64.72
DKK51.93 inc VAT
RRP NOK83.20
NOK66.76 inc VAT
RRP SEK88.59
SEK71.08 inc VAT
RRP $13.82
$11.09 inc VAT
Lucky Reptile ThermoSocket + Reflector Large

These sets contain a E27 porcelain lampholder, a high quality steel reflector, wire mesh protector, power lead and all necessary mounting accessories. The steel reflector focuses the light and acts as sight protection, preventing being blinded by the light. The wire mesh protector is placed on the bottom of the reflector and prevents the animals getting in contact with the bulb. Mounting accessories for installation inside the terrarium are included. A clamp for using the set as clamp lamp is available separately. Suitable for light bulbs up to 150W. Two varieties are available with different reflector sizes: Thermo Socket plus Reflector large: for energy saving bulbs and UV lamps

  • Porcelain lamp holder
  • With reflector and cover
  • For halogen and incandescent bulbs
  • Great heat source
  • Great value
RRP £35.79
£28.69 inc VAT
RRP €40.97
€32.84 inc VAT
RRP $50.64
$40.60 inc VAT
RRP $65.59
$52.58 inc VAT
RRP DKK305.18
DKK244.64 inc VAT
RRP NOK392.34
NOK314.51 inc VAT
RRP SEK417.72
SEK334.86 inc VAT
RRP $65.19
$52.26 inc VAT