Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Kit 45x45x60cm & Cabinet

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Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Kit 45x45x60cm & Cabinet

Product Code: KHB010|THT165

Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Kit 45x45x60cm & Cabinet

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Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Kit 45x45x60cm & Cabinet

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exo terra

The ingenious Exo Terra Natural Terrarium with the researched bamboo ornament and background will provide the ideal micro habitat for the relevant reptiles and amphibians. This kit will allow you the successful keeping of many species. They will not only thrive, but give you the best outcome in propagating these remarkable reptiles and amphibians.

The special bamboo ornament in this kit ensures that the reptiles and amphibians housed in this kit have secure hiding places, a food station and always water available in the numerous cavities incorporated in this very specific ornament.

Kit Includes;

  • Full Glass Terrarium
  • Compact Top - Fluorescent Terrarium Canopy
  • 3D-Bamboo Background
  • Bamboo Ornament (with feeding & watering station)
  • Moss Mat
  • Thermometer
  • Hygrometer
  • Exo Terra Catalogue

The elegantly designed Exo Terra Terrarium Cabinets are the perfect complement to the Exo Terra Terrariums. Finished in contemporary black with smoked tempered glass doors, these cabinets will show off your terrarium beautifully. The soft touch magnetic latches and slick metal hinges of the swing-open door(s) allow for easy access and give the cabinet a modern designer look. The integrated storage cabinet allows you to keep any unsightly live food or other accessories out of sight, while the external shelf creates a handy display area for books or all sorts of miscellaneous items. The Exo Terra Terrarium Cabinets are flat packed for convenience and easy to assemble. Constructed in the UK from FSC certified material (responsible forest management system), these durable and sturdy Exo Terra cabinets are not only beneficial to the environment but they create a stunning reptile set-up in any home setting.

  • Size: 45.4 x 45.4 x 130.5 cm