Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer

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Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer

Product Code: CHE015

Exo Terra Dial Hygrometer

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Exo Terra Dial HygrometerExo Terra Dial Hygrometer

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exo terra

Keeping your jungle pets wet is crucial to good health. Dial hygrometers give you accurate readings so you're in control

Perfect For Your Pet?
  • You want to see that your hitting the right humidity levels for your pet.
  • You have an animal with sensitive humidity requirements.
Not So Perfect For your Pet?
  • Hygrometers are a necessity for any jungle reptile or amphibian keeper.
Perfect For You?
  • Easy to read.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low Cost
Suitable For..
  • Any and every reptile or amphibian that likes humid conditions.
Not sure this is the right product for your pet?
  • Size: 6cm in diameter, 2cm tall