Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x20W

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Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x20W

Product Code: LHS220

Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x20W

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Exo Terra Light Unit Controller 2x20W

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exo terra

The Exo Terra Light Units are the most flexible solution for fitting all types of linear fluorescents tubes onto any type of terrarium. All units come with a double fitting to enable the combination of different Repti Glo bulbs in order to obtain the right light output depending on the species and climate. The Exo Terra Light Cycle Unit has even a timer and a linear fluorescent bulb dimmer built in.

  • Fits two fluorescent bulbs
  • Ideal for use with Exo Terra Repti Glo and other fluorescent bulbs
  • More energy efficient than conventional ballasts or light strips
  • No flickering; less stressful for reptiles and amphibians
  • Water-resistant end-caps for maximum safety
  • Long end-cap leads
  • On/Off Switch
    • The Exo Terra Light Unit Electronic Terrarium Lamp Controller provides flexible lighting solution for your terrarium. Just mount the electronic ballast housing near the terrarium, and connect the fluorescent bulbs to the water-resistant end caps. The long, flexible end-cap leads allow you to position the fluorescent bulbs very close to the animals, necessary when UVB bulbs are used (ie: Repti Glo 5.0 and 10.0). The long end-cap leads also provide the versatility to mount bulbs over any type of terrarium, regardless of size.

  • Size: T8 fitting