Exotics Keeper Magazine #2 December 2020

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Exotics Keeper Magazine #2 December 2020

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Exotics Keeper Magazine #2 December 2020

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Exotics Keeper Magazine #2 December 2020

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Exotics Keeper Magazine

EK Magazine December 2020

In this edition we look at one of the fastest growing trends in reptile keeping ? bioactive enclosures. It is all the rage right now, with many keepers revamping their setups to be bioactive. This is great news, not only because bioactive enclosures are beautiful and interesting for the keeper, but they also provide enhanced enrichment for animals. However, it?s worth remembering that in some cases, bioactive may not be possible or preferable.

We speak to five herp enthusiasts to find out their views on bioactive setups. Plus, we take a look at naturalistic and outdoor enclosures.

Also this month we visit the UK?s National Parrot Sanctuary at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park to find out the pros and cons of keeping parrots, and we speak to Chris Moiser from Tropiquaria Zoo, who is fighting to save one of the world?s rarest fish

The motivation for creating Exotics Keeper Magazine was a determination to help, care for and protect exotic animals, with a charity component being part of the plan - eventually. Then, in April 2020, the crisis caused by the Covid-19 lockdown pushed the charity plans into fast-forward. Here's what happened next.

Despite the lockdown being lifted, zoos and exotic animal sanctuaries have been hit hard during the Coronavirus crisis. Following a period where zoos had no visitors, no fundraising events and nowhere near enough donations, many are still struggling to feed their animals. EK Fund has donated over ?3,000 to zoos, rehoming centres and wildlife parks over the last few months as part of the first funding project.

Over the coming months and years the EK Fund be selecting eligible and worthwhile charities, organisations and projects to donate to, keeping you up to date with campaigns and donations via their website and the Exotics Keeper Magazine.