F919SC Degreaser Cleaner 1 Litre

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F919SC Degreaser Cleaner 1 Litre

Product Code: VFD360

F919SC Degreaser Cleaner 1 Litre

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F919SC Degreaser Cleaner 1 Litre

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F919SC Degreaser/Cleaner is an alkaline heavy-duty cleanser with an emulsifying action for removing heavy soiling, protein, fats and natural oil deposits from hard surfaces. It incorporates a wetting agent for effective coverage and a soil suspension agent to facilitate easy removal. F919SC Degreaser/Cleaner should be used on a weekly basis to remove 'films' harbouring a build-up of micro-organisms that detergent based cleaning products leave behind.

Uses for F919SC Degreaser/Cleaner

  • Dilution rate 1:50 ? 1:200
  • Safe to use on all surfaces and equipment.
  • Applications:
    • Hard surfaces in medical and veterinary facilities
    • Animal Housing
    • Pipelines and drains
    • Tubing
  • Mechanism of action is not reliant upon a mechanical brushing/scrubbing action, but interacts chemically with the organic film to release it from the surface and take it up into suspension where it can be washed away. The clean surface can then be effectively disinfected.
  • F919SC can be safely applied as a wash, or by using a spray or high-pressure equipment, and its low foaming action also make it suitable for use in CIP systems or crate washes. It is effective in both hot and cold water, and is often used to replace hazardous caustic based products.
  • F919 Should not come in contact with animals or users skin and should be washed off.

NOTE: Although from the same manufacturers, Health and Hygiene, F919SC does not have the same properties as the F10 range of products. It is designed to be a degreaser and as such does not disinfect (although the removal of biofilms by this product does aid in making the disinfecting process more efficient). It should also not come into direct contact with users or their animals.