Gamma Slice Daphnia 250g

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Gamma Slice Daphnia 250g

Product Code: ZGF410

Gamma Slice Daphnia 250g

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Gamma Slice Daphnia 250g

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frozen gamma food

The UKs number one frozen aquatic food delivered to your door.

The Gamma food range is a convenient and cost effective way of giving your fish a wide variety of 100% natural, easily digestible foods - great for finicky fish!

The Gamma Blister and Gamma Slice Frozen Foods are flash frozen at capture for freshness and are then gamma irradiated to guarantee that no pathogens are passed onto your livestock.

Frozen food can be placed directly into the aquarium but we recommend defrosting as much as you need for each feed and straining off the water before putting in the aquarium. This aids nutrient control.