Habistat Moon Switch

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Habistat Moon Switch

Product Code: CHT115

Habistat Moon Switch

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Habistat Moon Switch

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Electronic, light activated switch for mains equipmen.t
Switches up to 600 Watts on when the light levels fall and off again when the light levels fall.
Used in sophisticated management of environmental heating and ventilation.

The Moon Switch will switch a mains power line on and off depending on the light level. When it is light the power will be off and when it is dark the power will be on. The difference between the on and off levels has been adjusted so that the unit does not flicker at the triggering point nor will it switch on and off due to minor variations in brightness. Essentially the unit detects day and night and can therefore switch things on that are required during the night.

The range of items that can be switched is only limited by a maximum load of 600 watts and the imagination. Most uses will include switching on heaters that are only required during the night. One of the major advantages of the Moon Switch is that the natural day/night cycle is duplicated including the seasonal variations of long day length summers and short day length winters.

Reptiles that are active at night are just as dependent upon external heat sources as their day active relatives. The major difference being they are often able to cope with temperatures that are a little lower. The Moon Switch will switch on these secondary heaters While the companion Sun Switch will switch off the higher but still necessary day time heaters and brighter lights. The Moon Switch can be used to switch on special lights that are designed for use at night. Red, Basking Spot Lamps are an example. Here red light is used to create a hot spot without the distractions white light would pose for night active creatures. The special fluorescent lamps designed to stimulate moon light are another example.

Many night active creatures need to see their prey and cannot hunt in complete darkness. Ordinary lights are, however, too bright and are avoided. The subdued light is just right to allow night active predators to spot their prey but not so bright that their natural photoperiod is confused. This means essential synchronisation involving the photoperiod are left intact, so the animal behaves and breeds normally.

The Moon Switch is another innovation from HabiStat helping the advancement of reptile keeping.