A massive range of heat sources

From bulbs to heated decorations, mats and radiators

A great way to heat your enclosure and keep your pet active and healthy

A range of items to warm your enclosure

Easy to assemble flat-packed furniture for reptiles

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Ceramic Bulbs

A range of ceramic heating bulbs to provide heat without emitting light. These bulbs are brilliant for night time heating and python set ups.

Heat Rock and Cables

A range of heat rocks and cables which can be used to add extra warmth to your reptile enclosure. The rocks make great basking areas for desert species while the cables are great for use with chameleons and arboreal species.

Infa-Red Lamps

A range of infa-red bulbs to be used as a heat source in snake and reptile enclosures. They provide heat while dispersing less light than a conventional spot bulb.

Mats and Strips

A range heat mats and strips essential for the care of geckos, snakes, invertebrates and many amphibians. With a wide selection available there will be a mat or strip with the appropriate dimensions for any enclosure

Specialist Heating

A small range of specialist heating solutions from AHS units to heaters. This range of items offer solutions to larger or abnormal enclosures.

Water Heaters
A range of water heaters of varying strengths for heating you aquatic and semi-aquatic enclosures. Great for heating the submerged sections of turtle and amphibian enclosures.