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Exo Terra Thermostat 600w & Hygrostat 100w

With the Exo Terra Thermostat & Hygrostat with Day/Night timer you can create a well-controlled heating/ humidifying system that allows you to maintain the required temperature and humidity conditions similar to those found in desert and tropical environments.

The day- and night temperature and humidity can be set individually. For instance; the temperature can be set lower for the night, while the humidity can be set higher, just as it would occur in nature.

The Thermostat & Hygrostat will also help to prevent overheating and undercooling during hot summer days or cold winter nights, while keeping the humidity at the desired level.

The Dimming function keeps the temperature at the desired set-point with a much higher accuracy than conventional thermostats and virtually eliminates temperature swings in the terrarium.


The easy-to-read LCD screen shows heating mode, day or night mode and actual temperature and humidity.

A Red LED will indicate when the heating device is powered and once the set temperature is reached, the Red LED will no longer show. A Blue LED will indicate when the humidifying device is powered and once the set humidity level is reached, the Blue LED will no longer show.

  • The thermostat is accurate, reliable and easy-to-use!
  • Dimming function controls terrarium temperatures very accurately
  • 100W Hygrostat to control optimum humidity levels
  • Controls heating devices up to 600W
  • Daytime and night-time temperature and humidity can be set individually
  • From 10?C up to 60?C and up to 99% RH
  • Remote temperature and humidity probe
  • Push button/dial system to avoid accidental setting or tampering
  • Blue LED will indicate when humidifying device is powered
  • Red LED will indicate when heating device is powered
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen shows actual temperature and humidity

The Thermostat comes with a power cord with grounded plug & receptacle for increased safety and to allow the use of a power outlet strip.

The remote sensor can be safely used in highly moist terrariums.

Can Be Used With

Simply connect your Heat Mat, Heat Cable or Ceramic Heater and a Fogger or Humidifier to the Exo Terra Thermostat & Hygrostat.

Set the preferred temperature & humidity and place the heat and humidity sensor in the desired spot.

This product is covered by our Safe Delivery Guarantee

RRP £154.99
£124.99 inc VAT
RRP €177.43
€143.09 inc VAT
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$227.66 inc VAT
Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II

The Humidity Control II is a digital device which fulfills all wishes and that at a price not seen before.

It has two circuits which enable to make different settings for day and night. A realtime clock is included which allows switching between day and night mode by time which you can define as desired. In addition a timer is integrated which can have two ON/OFF settings by realtime clock. The minimum time period for the timer is one minute.

Other features are an alarm function (visual and sound), switching between humdifying and de-humidifying e.g. for use with fans and the possibility to influence the switching of the humidity control. E.g. you can set a value of 15 which means that the humidifier will only start working if the measured humidity is at least 15% below the desired setting (if setting is 70%, it will start not before reaching 55%). This can make sense to prevent the humidifier to turn on and off in quick cycles. The humidity also varies in nature.

Devices to be controlled are installed through a coupling with two sockets. The maximum load is 1000W. The display constantly shows the measured humidity.The humidity setting can be chosen between 1% and 99%.

This product is covered by our Safe Delivery Guarantee

  • Day/Night settings
  • Realtime clock
  • Alarm Features
  • Can control humidity using misters or fans
  • 2 sockets with maximum 1000W
RRP £87.59
£83.29 inc VAT
RRP €100.27
€95.35 inc VAT
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RRP $159.54
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Zoo Med HygroTherm Humidity & Temperature Controller

The HygroTherm is a Thermostat and Humidistat in one! It controls up to 1000 watts of combined temperature and humidity control devices. It has a 2-in-1 Remote Temperature/Humidity Sensor with 5 foot cable. It's great for use with Zoo Med's Repti Fogger Terrarium Humidifier or Repti Rain Automatic Misting Machine. The HygroTherm has a nighttime temperature drop feature controlled by a photocell, built-in memory which stores settings in case of power failure and an alarm that can be set to flash when the temperature or humidity reaches extreme high or low levels.

Additional Information:

  • Controls temperature by turning on/off heating devices in HEAT mode or by turning on/off cooling devices (e.g. fan) in COOL mode
  • Temperature control range is 50?F to 122?F (10?C to 50?C)
  • Humidity control range: 15% to 95% RH (Relative Humidity)

This product is covered by our Safe Delivery Guarantee

  • Thermostat and Humidistat in one
  • Up to 1000W of hardware
  • 2 in 1 remote sensor with 5ft cable
  • Can be set with a night time temperature drop
  • Alarm to alert when over temperature
RRP £124.69
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RRP €142.75
€119.39 inc VAT
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RRP $227.11
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MistKing HT-24 Hygrostat/Thermometer

New product that works with any existing MistKing system. This controller works by constantly monitoring humidity on the probe. Based on current reading and required humidity HT-24 will activate the misting system as needed. Excellent choice when desired humidity needs to be achieved. It plugs directly into the 24V misting system power and not into an electrical outlet.

Main features of MistKing Hygrostat Controller HT-24

  • Backlit LCD Control Panel
  • Remote Humidity / Temperature Probe
  • Ability to precisely set Day & Night humidity
  • Ability to specify when Day & Night modes start
  • Manual override allows for misting without affecting timer setup
  • This timer has a rechargeable battery that keeps settings in case of a power failure
  • Low humidity alarm
  • Variance setting which allows for specific humidity drop before engaging the pump
  • Low voltage, connects to existing MistKing power supply
  • Designed specifically for use with MistKing misting systems


  • Day: Maintain 75% humidity
  • Night: Maintain 60% humidity
  • Low Humidity Alarm: 40% (Will beep if RH will drop to 40%)
  • Variance 5% (ie. will raise humidity to 75% but will allow for a drop to 70% before turning on the system again)

Great addition to a small greenhouse or anything where precise humidity control is required.

This product is covered by our Safe Delivery Guarantee

  • Hygrostatcontroller for misting system
  • Remote humidity/temperature probe
  • Set Day/night humidity levels
  • Manual overide for quick spray
  • Low humidity alarm
RRP £109.99
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RRP €125.92
€124.66 inc VAT
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RRP $200.34
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Humidity Control

Devices that control a spray or fogging system to maintain levels of humidity within an enclosure. Much like a thermostat this device will start the sprayer when humidity drops and leave it off when it gets too high. The lucky reptile humidity control II is a highly accurate piece of equipment that can regulate the humidity of your enclosure.