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Drippers, Rainmakers and Sprayers

Drippers, rainmakers and sprayers are a brilliant way of introducing humidity to an enclosure. In arboreal gecko and chameleon vivariums they also provide an essential source of water by leaving dew on the decorations.

Fans Ventilation

Fans and ventilation equipment can be used to ensure that a vivarium has a good supply of fresh air whilst also shifting humidity. Fans are great for use in enclosures that need to be moist but have humidity or ventilation issues.

Foggers Humidifiers

Fogging systems and humidifiers are a great way of increasing the humidity of an enclosure without necessarily having to saturate it. These are ideal in circumstances where the animal requires a high humidity but will not to well in a soaked environment.

Pumps and Filters

Pumps and filters are essential in semi aquatic enclosures or aquariums. These devices can be used to manipulate the flow of water and purify it aswell.


Waterfalls are a great way to introduce a water feature into your enclosure. Not only do they look great but they supply a moving source of water which is not likely to stagnate.