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Will use again :) -      Yes like the site but your delivery charge is sometimes more than the items find I go to a shop for these things -      Fantastic customer service. - peter mason     Tips and info on setting up types of viverium / terrerium maybe some videos on products too :)) -      Excellent website with the best prices on the market -      Items are always good ,but I have trouble entering address on paying screen -      Excellent service, good communications and true to their word. - Mike Allen     Site was easy to use except when inputting my address, wasn't really sure how the drop down box option was supposed to work, or it wasn't working properly for me. -      Yes, it's very user friendly. -      cheapest and very happy with service - Mark Quigley     Very easy to use. Thank you. Andy -      yes -      Excellent all round - Tom Fewings     very good site -      yes -      Very easy to find what I wanted. Great site, easy to navigate. 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