Fresh Live Food

Fresh, Tasty and Healthy Live Food for your Reptile

brown crickets

Brown Crickets

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black crickets

Black Crickets

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aquatic live food

Aquatic Live Foods

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Why is quality live food so important?

Diet is one of the biggest things you need to consider in order to keep your reptile happy. Your pet's diet should provide everything they need to grow, fight disease and live an active and healthy life.

Good quality live food provides your pet with..

  • High quality protein
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • A source of moisture for desert animals
  • A keener hunting response
  • A tastier, more enjoyable diet

5 questions to ask before buying live food..

  • Are your livefoods sent direct from the breeder to be as fresh as possible?
  • Are your live foods fed a quality diet to provide the best nutrition for my pet (gut loaded)?
  • Are your livefoods well hydrated to be really juicy and delicious?
  • Are your live foods active and full of life?
  • Are your livefoods bred and raised in ethical conditions?

Of course, we answer yes to all the above questions because these are the livefoods we feed to the animals in the shop, and our animals at home. If you are unsure which food is the best for your pet, please call us on 0844 5571093, we'd be happy to help.