Red eye tree frog care sheet

Housing: a wooden vivarium of at least 46" in length

Heating: basking temperature of 100oF - 110oF, cool end of 80oF

UVB Lighting: desert strength 10%-12% UVB fluorescent tube during the day

Diet: omnivorous mix of vegetation and protein from live insects

Decoration: dry substrates and decor so not to raise humidity levels

Red Eyed Tree Frogs are from tropical, humid rainforests so a glass terrarium is ideal. Glass allows heat to escape easily so your pet will not over heat. They are arboreal (climbing) so they like to have a high enclosure rather than a wide one. A 45x 45x 60cm (18"x 18" x 24") is acceptable for a small group.


We use bark chippings with our Red Eyed Tree Frogs. This absorbs water that is sprayed into the terrarium without turning mouldy. Red Eyed Tree Frogs are nocturnal and like places to hide during the day. Wooden Branches and artificial plants should be used to create a forest habitat with foliage to hide in. Artificial backgrounds can be used to create a more natural effect.


Red Eyed Tree Frogs prefer cooler temperatures. Being kept above 30oC (85oF) will usually stress your frog and consequently affect its health. During the day like like to be kept at around 24-27°C (75-80°F). This can sometimes be achieved by no additional heating at all. If not, a small heat mat on the back or side of the terrarium is enough to keep your pet warm enough. Temperatures should always be checked by a reliable thermometer.


Although Red Eyed Tree Frogs are nocturnal they still need a day/ night cycle in order to feel happy. We recommend a 5% UVB light and most terrariums have their own lighting canopies available to hold the light in. The light should be on for 10-12 hours per day. This can be controlled by an electric timer.


All Frogs are carnivorous meaning they eat other animals in particular live insects. Your pet deserves the best foods possible so look after your live foods. Keep your crickets and locusts fresh, plump and full of vitamins by feeding them with Bug Grub and fresh vegetation. Remember, your Red Eyed Tree Frogs also eats whatever is in your live food's stomach. Also, don't allow your live food to dehydrate, you don&'t want to give your animals dried up half dead insects for dinner! Hydrate them with Bug Gel to keep them alive longer and mouth wateringly juicy. Care for your live food in their own enclosure, such as a Cricket Keeper. Live foods should be coated in a vitamin and mineral supplement such as Nutrobal to ensure the Red Eyed Tree Frogs are getting the best nutrition possible.

Water should always be made available to the Red Eyed Tree Frogs from a water bowl. Humidity is very important for Frogs, it is therefore important to mist the vivarium once daily using a water sprayer. You may also add a moving water feature to really keep the humidity up.


Red Eyed Tree Frogs are not a good pet for handling. They are very delicate and easy to damage. If you do need to move them, make sure your hands are wet.


Red Eyed Tree Frogs are communal and best kept in a group as it stimulates natural behaviour.


Regular spot cleaning of the vivarium should be performed to keep it hygienic for both the animal and the keeper. Dead live foods and the Red Eyed Tree Frogs' faeces should be removed when noticed. Change the substrate once a month or as required and clean the vivarium with a reptile disinfectant.

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