Komodo Crested Gecko Complete Diet 75g

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Komodo Crested Gecko Complete Diet 75g

Product Code: FKP212

Komodo Crested Gecko Complete Diet 75g

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Komodo Crested Gecko Complete Diet 75gKomodo Crested Gecko Complete Diet 75g

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Want to offer your best friend the very best diet?

Key Features:

  • A 100% nutritional diet
  • Can be used with other foods or as a stand alone food product - this is not just a supplement
  • Can be given to all ages - hatchlings to adults
  • Professional breeders have helped develop this product
  • Ideal for Gecko lovers that don't want insects in their house!

No InsectNo insects required

Complete DietA complete diet for our Frugivorous friends!

Easy to use

Tired of trying to fish AWOL crickets out from behind the sofa? Fed up of having to deal with pesky locusts, who for some reason don't seem to relish the idea of being eaten?

With the Komodo Crested Gecko Complete Diet all you have to do is mix 1 part to 2 parts water. This makes a thick milkshake like mixture.

It doesn't look terribly appealing to humans (but neither do Locusts!) but your Gecko will lap it up.

No insects required

As you already know, Geckos make for fantastic pets. They look awesome, they behave (most of the time) and they are way cooler than cats!

Just a shame the same can't be said for what they eat.

So, if you are no fan of having noisy boxes of live insects taking up precious space in your house, do yourself a favour and treat your Gecko to a little jar of Complete Diet.

Truly a complete diet

In the wild Geckos eat a variety of foods, both live and fruit.

The Komodo Complete Diet was developed, with the assistance of professional breeders, with this in mind.

Not only does it replace the nutritional value of Locusts and Crickets, it also replaces that missing benefit of ripe fruit.