Live Glassworm Bag

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Live Glassworm Bag

Product Code: A422

Live Glassworm Bag

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Live Glassworm BagLive Glassworm BagLive Glassworm BagLive Glassworm Bag

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Glassworm as Reptile Food

Our glassworm are a staple food for many amphibians and turtles. They are particularly enjoyed by aquatic frogs, musk turtles and axolotls.

This product will be sent in a sealed plastic tube containing fresh water and glassworm. Depending on the size of the order this tube will be housed in rectangular plastic tube to keep it from rolling in transit or fit tightly into a polystyrene box. The polystyrene will help keep the cold in during summer and the chill off during winter. They do best at 10C and don't handle extremes in temperature too well.

You'll love them because:
  • We guarantee freshness or your money back
  • They are farm bred in ethical conditions.
  • They are pre-fed to ensure your reptile is getting a healthy and nutritious meal.
  • Delivered straight to your door in good time.
We recommend glassworm for the following animal types:
  • Small turtles
  • Axolotls
  • Aquatic frogs
  • Toads
  • Fish

This is a freshwater product and could be added to the enclosure but we would advise straining the glassworm out of their water before feeding. The longer they are in the tube the dirtier their water will become and you don't want to add that to your enclosure. They are best stored at around 10C with no wind chill. A cool cellar or garage would be great, alternatively they could be kept in a fridge as long as it's not set too cold.

  • Size: 100ml bag