Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle 100W

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Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle 100W

Product Code: LLB100

Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle 100W

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Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Turtle 100W

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Note: this product requires a Lucky Reptile Bright Sun Control unit.

For the proper care of turtles creating sun spots where the animals get enough heat and UV and also can dry themselves, is one of the most essential things.

Usually turtle tanks have no lids and are open at the top. As a result the heat vanishes to the top and it is difficult to reach the necessary temperatures. Therefore with aquatique turtles we tend to have the need for stronger lighting compared to normal terrariums of similar size.

Consequently Lucky Reptile provides with the Bright Sun Turtle a lamp that was especially developed for aquatic turtles and corresponds to the animals requirements of UV and heat. Heat and UV-output were adjusted to the fact that with turtles the distances between lamp and animal are normally smaller. While a good heat output is desired, it was necessary to reduce the UV output of the Bright Sun Turtle compared to normal reptile UV lamps to make it safe at the lower distances. The lamp is suitable for most commercially available turtle tanks. Due to the thick glass casing, the Bright Sun is more resistant against water splashes than most other lamps. The spectrum of the lamp is in generally also suitable for fish and aquatic plants.

Attention! Due to its special relation of UV radiation and heat output the Bright Sun Turtle is not suitable for usage in normal terrariums.