Lucky Reptile Daylight Sun T5 39W 863mm

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Lucky Reptile Daylight Sun T5 39W 863mm

Product Code: LLD002

Lucky Reptile Daylight Sun T5 39W 863mm

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Lucky Reptile Daylight Sun T5 39W 863mm

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The Daylight Sun T5 is a fluorescent tube which was developed as general lighting for terrariums. Significant UV radiation is not provided by the tube by intent as other lamps like the Lucky Reptile Bright Sun UV, mercury vapour based UV lamps or compact fluorescent lamps are better suited to provide UV. Instead the Daylight Sun T5 was designed to achieve high light output and a visible spectrum suitable for all terrarium animals.

For day active reptiles a high light intensity and a spectrum close to the natural sun is important. The Daylight Sun T5 achieves 40% more light output than comparable T8 tubes. In addition the slim T5 tubes can be grouped closer together, enabling the user to use more tubes on the same area and therefore maximising the light output. For bearded dragons and other sun loving lizards it simply cannot be too bright.

The Daylight Sun T5 has a daylight spectrum with 6500K making it perfect for all reptiles and also for promoting plant growth. The lamp has a nicely balanced light and ensures luscious colours. This makes the Daylight Sun T5 the perfect basic lighting for all types of terrarium.

Perfect for use with the Lucky Reptile Light Strip T5 Power.

  • Size: 1.6 cm diameter, 86.3 cm in length (T5 fitting)