Lucky Reptile Eco Bark 10L

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Lucky Reptile Eco Bark 10L

Product Code: SLE010

Lucky Reptile Eco Bark 10L

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Lucky Reptile Eco Bark 10L

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This attractive pine bark substrate has characteristics that make it excellent for use in terrariums. It absorbs humidity and binds waste inside the terrarium. In addition it covers bad odours.

The mulitstep manufacturing process ensures uniform, fine grains and minimizes dust and dirt inside the substrate. The pine park has a slightly red coloring, rots only slowly and will not get mouldy in properly ventilated cages. Consequently it will keep its attractive appearance for a long time. Note that it is not made from French pine as most vivariums substrates that has high amounts of etherical oils but from German pine trees.

Eco Bark is excellent for reptiles from tropical regions and most snakes and tortoises.