Lucky Reptile Health Scan

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Lucky Reptile Health Scan

Product Code: VLH005

Lucky Reptile Health Scan

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Lucky Reptile Health Scan

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With the Lucky Reptile Health Scan - Parasite Test you are getting a voucher for a fecal analysis at the famous German reptile specialist laboratory EXOMED.

Included are also the necessary equipment and detailed instructions on when and how a fecal sample should be taken for analysis. Since more or less all animals have parasites it is important to have regular fecal analysises done to be able to react quickly if required. Especially before introducing new animals to a group, before hibernation or in general with every new arrival it is recommended to do a parasite test.

We are proud to cooperate with the leading reptile specialists from EXOMED. You will have to send the samples to them for the analysis and will receive the results within one week either by fax, email or mail. It is no problem to send in samples from outside of Germany, the results will be provided in English language.
In addition to the standard tests covered by the voucher of the Health Scan set, it is also possible to order special cryptosporides tests directly from EXOMED. Cryptosporides are a big problem with leopard geckos but are also known from bearded dragons and corn snakes.