Lucky Reptile Herbivit 60g

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Lucky Reptile Herbivit 60g

Product Code: VLH050

Lucky Reptile Herbivit 60g

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Lucky Reptile Herbivit 60g

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Herbivit is a vitamin and mineral supplement specially formulated for herbviorous reptiles considering the newest scientific research. It was developed together with a renowned institute for animal diets and offers all necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids.
The drawbacks of existing vitamin products on the market have been eliminated making Herbivit supposedly the best reptile vitamin product on the market. Important improvements have been the amounts of Vitamin D3 and A which are based on latest research. A calcium : phosphorous ratio of 4:1 corrects the higher phosphorous amounts in herbivorous food.

Herbivit is a well sticking powder and should be added 2-3 times a week to the animals diet to ensure proper supply with vitamins and minerals.