Lucky Reptile Herp-Tarrium 40x40x40cm

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Lucky Reptile Herp-Tarrium 40x40x40cm

Product Code: TLH345

Lucky Reptile Herp-Tarrium 40x40x40cm

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Lucky Reptile Herp-Tarrium 40x40x40cm

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The Lucky Reptile Herp-Tarrium is an especially developed glass terrarium with black plastic frame acting as edge protection. They have a removable lid with robust metal mesh that has an excellent light penetrability. This makes it possible to place lamps on top of the terrarium and still ensures that sufficient light and UV is reaching the animal. For the easy installation of lamps and other technical equiment like spray nozzles from rain systems there are sealable holes in the lid.

The front ventilation is installed vertically. This reduces the risk from animals getting stuck in the mesh which is quite high with terrariums that have horizontal ventilation. The sliding doors do not go over the full front but end in side profiles leaving a small glass frame to the side (50x40x50 cm and up). This reduces the escape risk of quick animals like day geckos when opening the door. For increased operation comfort the lid can be removed which eases cleaning significantly. In addition cable lead throughs can be openend in the lid to add heat mats or rock heaters to the cage interior.

The Herp-Tarriums are available in generous sizes and offer a design and function which makes them stand out compared to standard vivariums.