Lucky Reptile Jungle Lamp Set

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Lucky Reptile Jungle Lamp Set

Product Code: LLJ001

Lucky Reptile Jungle Lamp Set

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Lucky Reptile Jungle Lamp Set

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This special low voltage lamp is waterproof as to the IP68 standard, making it perfect for rainforest vivariums and turtle tanks where the use of normal, not humidity protected porcelain lampholders is risky or even not allowed.

The Jungle Lamp is a 12V luminaire which requires a halogen transformer for operation. The installation inside the vivarium can be done with the supplied holding arms allowing to point the lamp in the desired direction.

Available is a set which contains one Jungle Lamp and a transformer (20-105W). Additional Jungle Lamps can be purchased separately and attached to the transformer.
With its wattage range of 20W to 105W the transformer can operate a single 20W lamp but also multiple lamps with a maximum of 105W. E.g. you can attach two Jungle Lamp with 50W halogen lamps (2x50W = 100W) or three luminaires with 35W lamps (3x35W = 105W). The theoretically maximum is 5 luminaires with 20W lamps.

The Jungle Lamp is designed for use with the Lucky Reptile Halogen Sun LV. The use of standard halogenlamps which project the heat to the back or side is not allowed.