Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix 150g

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Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix 150g

Product Code: FLT100

Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix 150g

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Lucky Reptile Tortoise Mix 150gLucky Reptile Tortoise Mix 150g

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Tortoise Mix is the perfect natural basic food for all tortoises. Unlike most food for tortoises, Tortoise Mix is not made of extruded pellets with questionable ingredients like fish meal, but consists only of natural, herbal and vegetable ingredients.

In addition to hay pellets, which consist of a variety of different wild herbs, dried carrots and calendula flowers are included. Especially the calendula flowers are a tasty treat for tortoises.

The food is rich in natural vitamins and has a high content of crude fiber, as it is recommended by veterinarians.