MistKing HT-24 Hygrostat/Thermometer

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MistKing HT-24 Hygrostat/Thermometer

Product Code: CMK205

MistKing HT-24 Hygrostat/Thermometer

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MistKing HT-24 Hygrostat/Thermometer

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New product that works with any existing MistKing system. This controller works by constantly monitoring humidity on the probe. Based on current reading and required humidity HT-24 will activate the misting system as needed. Excellent choice when desired humidity needs to be achieved. It plugs directly into the 24V misting system power and not into an electrical outlet.

Main features of MistKing Hygrostat Controller HT-24

  • Backlit LCD Control Panel
  • Remote Humidity / Temperature Probe
  • Ability to precisely set Day & Night humidity
  • Ability to specify when Day & Night modes start
  • Manual override allows for misting without affecting timer setup
  • This timer has a rechargeable battery that keeps settings in case of a power failure
  • Low humidity alarm
  • Variance setting which allows for specific humidity drop before engaging the pump
  • Low voltage, connects to existing MistKing power supply
  • Designed specifically for use with MistKing misting systems


  • Day: Maintain 75% humidity
  • Night: Maintain 60% humidity
  • Low Humidity Alarm: 40% (Will beep if RH will drop to 40%)
  • Variance 5% (ie. will raise humidity to 75% but will allow for a drop to 70% before turning on the system again)

Great addition to a small greenhouse or anything where precise humidity control is required.