Nekton Rep 75g

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Nekton Rep 75g

Product Code: VNR075

Nekton Rep 75g

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Nekton Rep 75g

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A highly valuable vitamin and mineral supplement enriched with amino acids for reptiles and amphibians.

The diversity in todays herps means a great difference in their feeding habits. Most amphibians are carnivorous while reptiles can be flesh eaters, plant eaters or omnivorous (eating both plant and animal foods) depending on their species. No matter what form their nutrition takes, however, the most decisive factor is its components. The basic necessities in nutrients have been taken into account when formulating NEKTON-REP.

The large proportion of vitamin A (retinol) it contains is extremely important for forming the skin and mucous membranes of reptiles and amphibians. An adequate supply of calcium is also important, especially to insect-eaters as this element is usually missing in the chitin cuticle or skeleton. NEKTON-REP therefore contains a high percentage of calcium together with vitamin D3 to aid the adsorption of calcium by the animals body. But it is the harmony and balance of the formula that make it one of the most beneficial supplements for reptiles and amphibians. Each vital substance is dosed and blended to complement and promote the other thus strengthening the entire organism.

Aids healthy bone growth. Promotes smooth skin sloughing. Helps formation of healthy skin and mucous membranes