Peregrine Horned Frog Kit

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Peregrine Horned Frog Kit

Product Code: KMS010

Peregrine Horned Frog Kit

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Peregrine Horned Frog Kit

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A complete Starter kit which would include everything needed to keep a juvenile pacman frog, including a Microclimate thermostat.

Kit Contains:

  • Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe
  • Microclimate Ministat 100
  • ProRep heat Mat
  • Exo Terra Flat Faunarium Large (46x30x17cm)
  • ProRep Coco Bedding 5 litre
  • ZooMed Pacman Frog Food 57g
  • ProRep Water Pool
  • ProRep Live Moss 1.5 litre
  • 500ml Spray bottle
  • ProRep Plastic Feeding Tongs