Philodendron 'Red' (Philodendron sp.) - 12cm Pot

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Philodendron 'Red' (Philodendron sp.) - 12cm Pot

Product Code: PPL251

Philodendron 'Red' (Philodendron sp.) - 12cm Pot

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Philodendron 'Red' (Philodendron sp.) - 12cm Pot

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The Heartleaf Philodendron is another plant that takes on a new lease of life when grown in the terrarium. It loves high humidity and constantly, evenly damp soil with full light or shade. The only thing it doesnt like is low humidity and dry conditions, although even these it will tolerate. Under ideal conditions if grows at a vigorous climber with long thin stems, but prune it back, or pinch out the growing tip, and it will produce side shoots and become more compact.

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