Practical Reptile Keeping APRIL 2014

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Practical Reptile Keeping APRIL 2014

Product Code: IMP404

Practical Reptile Keeping  APRIL 2014

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Practical Reptile Keeping  APRIL 2014

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New breakthough against killer snake disease - discover the latest information about another important development in the battle against one of the most significant yet mysterious diseases afflicting this group of reptiles.

Delving into the unknown - Christian Castille describes the challenges posed by a South American snake, belonging to a group about which very little has been documented.

Exclusive! A stunning new bearded dragon - see more photos and find out about the latest addition to the range of morphs kept in the collection of leading UK breeders, Monkfield Nutrition.

The patter of tiny, secure feet - scientists have now developed a reusable adhesive tape modelled on nature - or more precisely, on the toes of climbing geckos. But they still don't have all the answers!

Living in harmony - James Brereton looks at the subject of setting up mixed collections of amphibians, based on what his experiences in this area have taught him.

Introducing the beautiful mantellas - while poison dart frogs may grab the headlines, there is another similar, very colourful and interesting group of small amphibians to be found halfway around the world. Joshua Ralph discusses mantellas and their care.

Shop profile - focusing on Lost World Reptiles, based in Teynham, Kent.