Practical Reptile Keeping AUGUST 2009

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Practical Reptile Keeping AUGUST 2009

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Practical Reptile Keeping AUGUST 2009

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Practical Reptile Keeping AUGUST 2009

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Meeting a mini dragon - this much smaller relative of the bearded dragon seems set to soar in popularity.

Breeding the Burmese brown - discover more about this species, which is the most primitive of living tortoises today.

Practical housekeeping for the discerning reptile - Charles Thompson explains how good vivarium design and positioning reduces stress for the occupants.

Competition - win one of the stupendous new Reptibreeze vivariums from Zoo Med. PLUS Names you know.

Reptile reading for the summer holidays - an overview of the wide range of books available, particularly from specialists.

Juicy tomatoes! - the world of the tomato frog and how to breed these colourful amphibians.

Holiday care - how to ensure you can relax when you're away.Briefing on boas - one of the most popular of all snakes.

Running the gauntlet! - Jon Coote reveals the quest for protection when handling venomous snakes especially, to protect against bites.

Create your own hermit haven - what is involved in keeping land hermit crabs.

News & views - including tortoise thefts, egg size and hatchling gender, and saving amphibians from extinction.

Shop profile - Internet dry good retailers and what the reptile boom means to their business.

Focus on - supplements this month, with the emphasis on insectivorous species.

Starting out with - an appealing chameleon.

Qs & As - addressing the problems that you want answered.

Health talk - pyramiding in tortoises.

Jewels of the rainforest - in the third part of this series, the range of dart frog species now being kept is highlighted.

Club spotlight - the Invicta Arachnid Club, based in Kent.You and your reptiles - a stunning selection of your photos.

Reptile-watching - Eastern majesty and breathtaking biodiversity in the Western Ghats.

Reptile allsorts - amazing facts about reptiles and much more including news, reptile watching, places to visit, kids pages, health advice, livefood focus, breeding star tortoises and a great competition.