Practical Reptile Keeping NOVEMBER 2009

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Practical Reptile Keeping NOVEMBER 2009

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Practical Reptile Keeping NOVEMBER 2009

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Practical Reptile Keeping NOVEMBER 2009

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Boundaries for large pythons and boas - how to keep these snakes without alarming the neighbours.

Frilled dragons - one of the most spectacular groups of lizards, which are becoming increasingly popular.

Caring for hatchling tortoises - from hatching to housing, this should set you on the right path.

The blue-tongued pet from western Papua - experienced practical advice on their care, including how to breed these personable lizards.

Red-bellied beauties - Paul Eversfield on why these Asian turtles deserve to be more popular.

Royals attract a huge following - discover more about these popular pythons, which are now being bred in a stunning range of colours.

Heading to Hamm - details of Practical Reptile Keeping's trip to the Terraristika show in Germany next March, and how to join us.

Questionnaire - help us make the magazine even better!

Tails from the treetops - looking after and breeding the beautiful flying lizard.

Hygiene matters - thoughts on how to keep your reptiles healthy.

Names you know - the discoverer of Morelet's crocodile.

News extra - exclusive! We publish the Federation of British Herpetoculturists' code of practice for those keeping large snakes.

It's in the genes - looking at the subject of in-breeding with Andy Tedder.

The land of tortoises - where more species are found than anywhere else in the world.

Deadly assassins - insights into this group of predatory invertebrates.

News & views - including a chelonian symposium, competition winners and a report from the NARBC show in Los Angeles.

Shop profile - Strictly Exotics, a specialist business based in Scotland.

Focus on - lighting, looking at the different types of lights used in vivariums.

Jewels of the rainforest - the final part of this popular series concentrates on breeding and health care issues.

Qs & As - your questions answered.

Back issues - how to build up a complete set of magazines.