Pro Reptile Gut Load Pro Formula 100g

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Pro Reptile Gut Load Pro Formula 100g

Product Code: FMG100

Pro Reptile Gut Load Pro Formula 100g

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Pro Reptile Gut Load Pro Formula 100g

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Gutload is the term given to the feeding of a good quality food to the feeder insect. Diet in my opinion is one of the most important parts of reptile keeping, if you imagine a lizard in the wild throughout the day it would be feeding on a variety of different insects which in turn would have fed on a variety of other insects or plants, in captivity we cant give them as large a variety of feeder insects so this is where it is important to give the best varied diet to the feeders we can supply. When you puchase livefood like crickets or locust they will come with bran in there containers, this is purely there to keep them alive and has very little nutritional value and greatly unbalanced the Calcium/Phosphorus level of the insect. The best method is as soon as you get your feeders give them the gutload and give them at least 24 hours to consume this before feeding them to your animals, the gutload we use we feed dry and also mixed with water into a runny paste and this will also keep the feeders hydrated.

Gutload Pro-FormulaFor some time now we have been looking at how we can provide the best possible gutload for our lizards to benefit from, our main goals being to contain 100% natural ingredients and to only contain ingredients that were readily eaten by all the feeders, this was a tedious task of setting up containers with feeders in and offering them many,many different ingredients, some ingredients had great nutritional value but was not accepted by the feeders and so had to be omitted from the final list, each ingredient that was accepted then had to be tested on all the different species to accertain that the finished formula would be consumed by all the feeders currently used.

The final list was made up of 25 100% natural ingredients all readily consumed dry or moistened by all the feeders we tested, Mealworms, Morio worms, Buffalo worms, Black and brown crickets, Locust and two species of Roach (Red runners and B.Dubia). As well as several grains, pulses and seeds also included is Bee pollen, Spirulina, Alfalfa, Carob flour, Montromillonite clay, and wheat germ, these ingredients make the finished formula packed full of every vitamin and mineral available and is a 100% safe way of supplying these vitamins and minerals to your reptile with no risk of overdosing. Gutload Pro-Formula is sold in 100g, 500g and 2.5kg sealed tamperproof containers for maximum freshness.