Pro Reptile Pro-Vit 100g

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Pro Reptile Pro-Vit 100g

Product Code: FMP100

Pro Reptile Pro-Vit 100g

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Pro Reptile Pro-Vit 100g

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Pro-Vit is a blend of Calcium Carbonate, Edible clay, Spirulina(Blue-Green Algae) and Chlorella(Green Algae), this superfood supplement provides a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals and all micro ground to provide maximum adhesion for dusting feeder insects.

Pro-Vit has all the benefits of Calci-Clay but with the addition of Spirulina and chlorella which are both two of the most nutrient rich natural whole foods on the planet, the highest natural source of Beta Carotene, 10 times more than in carrots and one of the few natural sources of vitamin B12. Both Spirulina and Chlorella contain very high levels of protein, wide variety of minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, vitamins, anti oxidants and pigments.

As well as improving skin condition and colour Pro-Vit also contains several compounds that enhance the immune system.