ProRep Tortoise Calcium Blocks 1kg

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ProRep Tortoise Calcium Blocks 1kg

Product Code: VPT100

ProRep Tortoise Calcium Blocks 1kg

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ProRep Tortoise Calcium Blocks 1kg

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A soft and natural source of calcium which encourages natural behaviour observed in the wild. These calcium blocks are packed with a highly Bioavailable calcium carbonate to ensure maximum absorbency in the gut. In the wild Tortoises would naturally seek out mineral rich rocks to scrap their beaks on. This would serve two functions, firstly to top up their calcium levels, and secondly to help prevent beak overgrowth.

Instructions: Simply place the block into any enclosure with a Tortoise. The tortoise will naturally seek out the calcium block when it needs it.

Most Reptiles and amphibians can absorb calcium from their food only in the presence of vitamin D3. It is essential that UVB light, of the correct wavelength and intensity, is provided to enable D3 synthesis or oral D3 is supplied. This is a natural product and is pack by hand. Every effort has been made to ensure it is free from contamination but there is a very low risk it may contain flint. Flint is easy to recognise and would appear solid black or brown compared to the white calcium carbonate.

Ingredients: 100% Calcium Carbonate