Psittacus Mini Hand Feeding 350g

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Psittacus Mini Hand Feeding 350g

Product Code: 4FPH005

Psittacus Mini Hand Feeding 350g

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Psittacus Mini Hand Feeding 350g

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This is a follow-on formula. This product is intended for hand rearing small sized parrot species from the moment when the first neonatal phase finishes. For instance, in cockatiels it is used from the 2nd week of life.

It is specially designed for species of the genera Melopsittacus, Nymphicus, Agapornis, Neophema, Eolophus etc.

Daily intake are ranges between 7 and 10 ml of formula per feeding bout and per 100 g of body weight. The number of feeding bouts per day depends on the parrot species and the age. It's use is recommended until emancipation. During weaning phase, it should be replaced gradually by dry adult food. For younger animals (first week of age), it is recommended to use Psittacine Crop Milk initially and a mix of both formulas afterwards.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 21.4 %, Crude oils and fats 10.0 %.