Psittacus Psittacine Crop Milk 500g

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Psittacus Psittacine Crop Milk 500g

Product Code: 4FPH010

Psittacus Psittacine Crop Milk 500g

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Psittacus Psittacine Crop Milk 500g

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This product is intended for hand rearing granivorous parrot chicks during the first phase of the early-age period (from birth to a maximum of the 7- 8 days of life, depending on the species).

This is an exclusive hand feeding formula of high concentration and digestibility.This is advisable to administer it daily to chicks in the appropriate amount, distributed in many feeding bouts per day (usually 7-8 feeding bouts in the first days of life).

It should be prepared with warm water at a concentration of 25 % from the third day. During the first day, the concentration should increase in each feeding bout: from approximately 1 % in the first feeding bout to 20 % in the last one.

This product is especially recommended for professionals who in-cubate the eggs artificially. It allows to obtain vigorous growth of offspring similar to those obtained by the best pairs. This vigour promotes health and minimizes the risk of contracting diseases.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 44.5 %, Crude oils and fats 40.5 %.