Reptile Systems T5 Twin Controller 24w

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Reptile Systems T5 Twin Controller 24w

Product Code: LRF052

Reptile Systems T5 Twin Controller 24w

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Reptile Systems T5 Twin Controller 24wReptile Systems T5 Twin Controller 24wReptile Systems T5 Twin Controller 24wReptile Systems T5 Twin Controller 24w

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Reptile Systems Twin T5 Ballast

Following the massive success of the electronic T8 controller with all of its modern features and positive effects on animal welfare Reptile Systems have added the T5 model to its range. This new T5 unit has even more features than its T8 cousin and has been specifically designed for lighting high output T5 fluorescent lamps for bird, reptile and turtle habitats making it both easy and safe to use.

Electronic ballasts have replaced aging technology introducing, flicker free, quieter and more energy efficient units. They have the added benefit of producing less heat, are lighter and if fitted correctly should help extend the life of your lamps and comes with a two warranty to give you peace of mind.

Its most dominant feature is that it can operate one or two T5 lamps from a single unit and all the leads are detachable. If you only intend to use one lamp, we recommend disconnecting the unused set from the unit and storing them safely for future use. This also makes it easy to install and has an extra safety feature because of the screw together moisture resistant connector. This will not pull apart leaving the leads dangling out of reach behind your enclosure like some other brands. The 1.5m mains lead is also detachable giving greater flexibility when fitting inside cabinets or furniture.

The end cap leads are a generous 1.5m long and the end caps themselves are made from clear acrylic to make pin location a simple task preventing any unnecessary damage from repeat failed insertions.

Available in 3 sizes 24w, 39w and 54w to cover all your T5 lamp sizes and is fully compatible with all zones of Reptile Systems and other manufactures T5 lamps of the correct wattage.

The unit has its own independent power switch and is rated to IP65 when fitted correctly, for use in dry enclosures and should not be sprayed directly or submerged in water at any time. The lamp can be mounted inside your vivarium using the clips provided in the accessory pack (screws not included) with the power unit positioned externally.