Vetark Nutrogrub 300g

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Vetark Nutrogrub 300g

Product Code: VVS080

Vetark Nutrogrub 300g

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Vetark Nutrogrub 300g

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Nutrogrub is a complemetary feeding stuff designed for feeding to insects such as mealworms, crickets and locusts, which will be used as a food source for reptiles, birds and other insect eating animals. It is based on a highly palatable vegetable protein source rich in calcium and B vitamins, and is further enhanced by Nutrobal (our best selling calcium balancer) and calcium carbonate.

We have spent several years working to develop a single product which covers the needs of both insect groups (hoppers and mealworms) in order to produce the most successful gut loading effect possible.

Nutrogrub is based on a fine vegetable flour enhanced with our world leading supplement Nutrobal and its superfine calcium. This has been hugely successful, the latest independant laboratory tests show increased calcium levels in crickets by x10, and in mealworms by x7.

The protein content is designed to be low enough to ensure that the mealworms don't mature too quickly, but is still more than adequate for support of the feeder insects. Gut loading is useful in increasing calcium levels, and we recommend using this in tandem with Nutrobal.