Vetark Repto Boost 100g

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Vetark Repto Boost 100g

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Vetark Repto Boost 100g

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Vetark Repto Boost 100g

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REPTOBOOST is a probiotic combination of bacteria, enzymes, electrolytes and vitamins. Its high palatability means it can be added to the drinking water making its use simple for all species of reptiles. It is also ideal for use by stomach tube in rehydrating reptiles which have become dehydrated.

REPTOBOOST contains:
Lactobacillus which live for a short time in the gut, helping to stabilise the pH.
Electrolytes to aid in maintaining adequate levels in reptiles with diarrhoea which lose electrolytes
Maltodextrins for sustained energy

It is only necessary for probiotics to live a short time to establish the right conditions. By their combined action the ingredients help to create and maintain slightly acidic conditions in the gut to provide the correct background for the reptiles own flora to re-stabilise.

The electrolytes and dextrose incorporated into REPTOBOOST also contribute in a major way.

A very important aspect is the use by the veterinary surgeon in reptiles which are under treatment with antibacterials where the normal flora may be unbalanced and a bloom of inappropriate bacteria may occur causing perhaps haemorrhagic enteritis.

For support of stressed reptiles use 4g (one scoop) per 100ml of drinking water.