Vivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium Small: Mussel

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Vivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium Small: Mussel

Product Code: TVV162

Vivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium Small: Mussel

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Vivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium Small: MusselVivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium Small: Mussel

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Versatile and streamlined, Repti-Stax units are designed specially for the retailer, breeder and enthusiast. Repti-Stax units can be stacked in a variety of ways to suit your space and requirements. It's the versatile, streamlined solution, especially when valuable space is restricted.

The Small Vivexotic Repti-Stax Vivarium is a great starter vivarium for many species of small or baby reptile. It's perfect for young corn snakes, milk snakes, kingsnakes, leopard geckos and fat-tail geckos.

Toughened Glass

safety glassAll the glass used in our vivariums is toughened to BS6206A kite marked standards. This means it has up to 5 times it's original strength, and if broken, the glass breaks into small blunt fragments. Normal plate glass, if damaged, breaks into sharp long shards. As the glass is used as sliding doors it is crucial that only safety glass is used to prevent serious injury. We aim to conform to BS EN 14072:2003 for glass used along with furniture.

Forest Stewardship Council

fscAll our timber comes from recycled sources or FSC sustainable forests. The FSC product label allows consumers worldwide to recognise products that support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide. Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes.

Easy to Assemble

easyVivexotic vivariums and cabinets are designed with as few parts as possible for quick and easy assembly.
We estimate that it should take 10-30mins for most people to build a Vivexotic vivarium.

Solid Back

Vivexotic believe that 3mm hardboard is not suitable for a professional vivarium. It's low compression structure and paint or foil surface means a very short product lifespan. This is why we use the same robust board for all panels. When sealed, or construction lasts many years longer than cheaper competitors. After all our panels are 5 times thicker!

Cable Management

cableOutlet points have been formed in the edge of the back panel for cable management. Any size of plug or fitting can easily pass through prior to securing the lid. To remove or replace cables, simply loosen the cams and lift the lid. Cable access points are located at each end along the top. Either point can be easily closed with silicone if not required.

Vivexotic Viva

in situ
Image shows a combination of 4x small, 4x medium and 4x large Repti-Stax vivariums in mussel

in situ
Image shows a combination of 2x small Repti-Stax, 1x large Repti-Stax and 1x Snake-Stax in mussel.

in situ
Image shows a combination of 2x small Repti-Stax, 4x large Repti-Stax and 2x Snake-Stax in mussel

How easy is it to put together a Vivexotic Vivarium?

We filmed Duncan putting together an oak VX36 vivarium and CX36 cabinet!

Please note: Feet are sold separately.