Vivexotic Repti-View - Oak 86x39x21.5cm

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Vivexotic Repti-View - Oak 86x39x21.5cm

Product Code: TVV092

Vivexotic Repti-View - Oak 86x39x21.5cm

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Vivexotic Repti-View - Oak 86x39x21.5cmVivexotic Repti-View - Oak 86x39x21.5cm

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Vivexotic Repti-View Vivariums

Vivexotic Repti-View is the latest range of vivariums added to the Vivexotic family. Repti-View has been designed with the best interests of owner and pet in mind with its great features and glass panelled sides and lid, to provide you with panoramic views.

  • Designed for terrestrial reptiles such as Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Leopard Geckos & Fat Tailed Geckos
  • Easy vent system positioned at the back of the vivarium
  • Incorporated heat mat enclosure
  • External thermometer holder with Exo Terra thermometer to monitor temperature
  • Secure auto lock feature to prevent escapes and keep your pet safe

Available in two sizes - Repti-View - 862.5 x 388 x 215mm - Repti-View Maxi -1150 x 450 x 250mm.